Introducing C-level leaders to the potential of Web3


The GoaL

Web3 might be the prelude to a new era and be just as, or even more, disruptive than Web2 was. But some new questions arise:

  • What will it mean for data monetization if people own their own data?
  • What will it mean for online marketing?
  • Will Web3 and DAO change governments and how do we organize our companies?
  • What happens if we combine Web3 + the metaverse?

We wanted to bring mostly C-level leaders on an introduction to Web3, to see the potential and act on it early on.

The Solution

Together with moderators Peter Hinssen & Steven van Belleghem, we built a 3-day program filled with visits, speakers and some well-deserved leisure time to connect with peers.

The Program

We decided to provide a broad spectrum of topics that fit under the umbrella term that is Web3.

  • Day 1: Introduction keynote by Peter Hinssen and intro to Tokenization by Feyo Sickinghe
  • Day 2: Explanation of Smart Contracts & DAOs bu Irra Arriela Kho followed with a visit to Cloudflare who showed the impact of Web3 on web security. In the afternoon Jean-Marc Bonnefous shed some light on Crypto investing annd DeFi, and we ended the day with a visit to Christief's to see how NFTs are reshaping the art business.

  • Day 3: Data company nChain gave us an introduction of the Metaverse, afterwich we visited Preloaded to see try a unique AR experience. We ended the final day with a visit to Satoshi Block Dojo who explained the challenges when it comes to scalability and the environment.

The Impact

If a picture says more than 1000 words, we'll show a video instead:

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