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Leadership & Development

The GoaL

PwC Top 200 is an annual summit for top leaders. Hosted in Singapore this year, PwC asked nexxworks to help them dive into the city's smart capabilities, with a particular focus on smart mobility and new energy solutions, to uncover the latest innovations in these domains.

The Solution

Under the approving eye of thought leader and nexxworks moderator Rik Vera, we designed an engaging one-day program taking participants on a whirlwind journey of discovery.

The Program

❇️ Dawn Loo of Eurokars Supersports - Sharing McLaren's e-mobility vision.

❇️ National University of Singapore Expert Session & Lab Visit -
Professors Ang and Palani showcasing autonomous driving and battery research.

❇️ Funan Mall -
A captivating tech-driven destination showcasing smart retail and urban living, offering unique experiences.

❇️ Menu 2033 (Lunch!) -
What are the most likely scenarios for the future of food? Based on 100,000 simulations, Synthesis Futures created a lunch menu to propel us into 2033.

❇️ Volocopter: Let's Touch the Future - Volocopter presenting autonomous air taxis, promising a revolutionary urban transport solution.

The Impact

After the program, participants confirmed they had learned way more by stepping outside of the conference hall and experiencing real-life future solutions. They came back with engaging stories, not just to share with friends and family, but also taking their client meetings to the next level by being able to include fresh insights based on personal real-life experiences. The program created a sense of camaderie among attendees, some of them who had never met before, enhancing their collective learning experience.

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