A virtual inspiration series for Johnson & Johnson Consumer Care leadership to stay in touch with the latest evolutions in technology and innovation.


The GoaL

The Johnson & Johnson Consumer Care leadership team is a globally active team. Its leaders are very busy and geographically often in very different places. 

In order to stay up to date on the latest technologies, they wanted to complement their leadership board meetings with external, outside-in perspectives.

The Solution

During several board meetings, nexxworks assisted with providing an external innovation perspective. 

These were two-hour meetings sessions with an expert speaker in an informal and intimate setting. The expert or speaker shared his view, latest trends and most of the time was kept for Q&A. 

The topics of the session was decided in co-creation between Johnson & Johnson Consumer Care and nexxworks, and hence customized to the leaders discussions and needs at the moment.   

The Program

The series touched upon a variety of topics like the future of leadership, geopolitics, creativity, customer engagement, etc. 

The Impact

The series was an efficient and impactful way for the company’s leaders to stay in touch with the world they’re leading in. They learned about the latest emerging technologies as well as how other companies are tackling organizational design questions. 

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