Construction techniques for the future


The GoaL

Upgrade Estate is constantly operating on the edge of what's possible in the construction of their projects. Nevertheless, they wanted to push the boundaries even further with this 2-day tour to Amsterdam & Antwerp.

They wanted to answer one question: What would it take to build student housing on Mars? 🔭🪐

The Solution

We wanted to create as big of an impact as possible in just 2 days, and maybe even visit the moon...

The program was built in unison with Upgrade Estate.

The Program

We kicked off the first day with a Peter Hinssen keynote, then we invited Pablo Van Der Lugt - an expert on wood building materials - followed by Ben Bronsema who is a climate control expert. Finally urban architects from MVRDV Rotterdam, who are famous for their innovative buildings ended our first day.

The second day we traveled back to Antwerp to visit the new Space Xpo. Since we had early access to the location, we managed to invite Pieter Deleye (innovation expert) on location. We then traveled back to the Upgrade Academy in Ghent to close out the day with a keynote by Johan Vinckier & Gill Connissen, and a VR/AR demo bij Numena.

The Impact

Chief Development Officer Wouter Blomme shares the impact on this program:

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