Sense which trends are on the horizon by immersion into the Silicon Valley Innovation landscape.


The GoaL

London Business School asked us to be a part of their global education programs in which they prepare international business leaders for the future. 

London Business School’s outstanding academic approach were complemented by immersion into the Silicon Valleys innovation landscape in orde to sense, feel, hear and learn how theory is fast-tracking into action today.

The Solution

Nexxworks organized sessions in Silicon Valley for companies like DP World, Emirates Airlines, Bupa, Mars, … based on the industries and strategic topics relevant in their daily jobs. 

The immersion was guided by nexxworks moderators, that translated the conversations with speakers, start-ups, etc intro insights. 

The Program

The groups were taken on a one-day visit trip in San Francisco & Silicon Valley. Peter Hinssen & Julie Vens–De Vos moderated the conversations about Mobility, Food, Strategy, Energy, … 

The experience was closed with a reflective Day After Tomorrow presentation, inviting the participations to make this type of reflection a habit into their strategy processes. 

The groups met with a.o. Cargochief, Mark Platshon, Christopher Heiser,, Rob Trice, … and many others. 

The Impact

These c-level executive leaders were able to bridge their acquired insights with actual hands-on experience of companies. On top they went home with additional validation of current trends, and discovery of new ones. They felt what the current pace of practice is, and reflected on what it means for their business. 

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