Virtual Executive Thinking Experience for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

New York

The GoaL

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is committed to fighting poverty and inequity around the world. To fuel their initiatives, they wanted to investigate the newest, most relevant trends in technology and innovation. On top of that, they seek to continuously expand their network of perspectives, people, and thoughts on that challenges present.

‘How can we look what’s beyond the next hill?’ was the leading question of this program.

The Solution

Nexxworks designed an unusual learning expedition inviting the group to think and learn together with a brilliant, specifically curated community about the specific collective challenge.

The goal was not to solve the challenge, but to identify pivotal insights and a new way to position it.

The Program

Amidst Covid-driven realities and with a group of people located all over the world, the experience was organized fully virtual. Simple yet impactful tooling was used to guide the conversations. Great moderation, music, visualization, storytelling, scribing, … enhanced the learning process.

Over 6 months, the program had three phases:

  • Grounding the community and the question
  • Learn and explore together what could impact the question (exploration)
  • Thinking experience to reframe the program and imagine different directions.

The Impact

Concluding this the group was able to (re)imagine the future and act upon it. 

  • They learned new knowledge and insights about the question.
  • They acquired new habits and fresh perspectives to framing the question
  • They found new allies to address the question
  • They formed alternatives ways of acting upon the challenge.

All participants shared that the experience had expanded their thinking. They discovered new insights about the ‘What’ of the problem, but also on the ‘How’ to solve for it.

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