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The GoaL

In 2023, nexxworks orchestrated a corporate immersive learning expedition to LA. Our mission was to delve into how companies can flourish even in high-pressure environments. We explored three pivotal strategies related to customer experience:

  1. Harnessing the latest technologies to achieve superior pricing capabilities.
  2. Cultivating a customer-focused culture as a means of distinction.
  3. Crafting a compelling brand and culture to allure the ideal talents.

The Solution

In collaboration with Steven Van Belleghem as our guiding moderator and with the assistance of WPP, we crafted a 5-day itinerary to encounter the premier CX and marketing exemplars in LA.

The Program

Day 1:

  • An insight into Snap Inc. (Snapchat) and their strategies for fostering intra-company empathy.
  • Diving into the e-sports realm with Miss Harvey, a record-winning player, and understanding its $156 billion market value.
  • Exploring brand strategies with Mammoth Media & Liquid Death: The dilemma between buying attention vs. earning it. The choice of authenticity versus striving for excellence like Serena Williams.

Day 2:

  • A tour of TikTok emphasizing the significance of content creators in reaching new audiences.
  • Delving into the strength of online communities through Discord.
  • Engaging in a discussion with Web3 and Hollywood specialists: The transformative role of Web3 and DAOs in empowering artists and bypassing intermediaries.

Day 3:

  • Gaining insights from Simon Mainwairing about the vital need for industry-wide cooperation to drive change.
  • Exploring TOMS shoes' unique initiative of promoting mental health access with every purchase.
  • Understanding Everytable's mission to make nutritious food accessible for everyone.
  • A glimpse into an agency staffed solely by ex-convicts, highlighting how untapped creativity can lead to criminality in the absence of opportunities.
  • Deepa Purushothaman's perspective on the challenges faced by women of color: The disparity between effort and reward in an unequal system.

Day 4:

  • Learning from Angel City Football Club: A football brand with a significant societal impact.
  • An interactive session with entrepreneur and Emmy awardee Nanxi Liu on the pivotal role of teamwork and the essence of community contribution.
  • Marc de Swaan emphasizes the transformative power of becoming a purpose-driven brand focusing on multi-stakeholder growth.
  • A perspective on aligning sales goals with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for a broader impact.

The Impact

The four-day program offered an invaluable and immersive experience to business executives seeking innovative insights into customer experience and networking opportunities with industry experts. The program, holistically, was a transformative journey, equipping leaders with the inspiration and insights to shape the future of customer experience.

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