Shuffling the Deck: Cartamundi's immersive two-day exploration into the heart of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

The GoaL

The goal? To align all ExCo members on the opportunities and pitfalls of AI and to go home with an AI strategy and an AI toolbox that will allow them to leverage this technology within the company.

The Solution

nexxworks composed a dynamic two day program with experts, use cases and a workshop, not only to educate and inspire the ExCo on the topic of AI, but also putting this freshly acquired knowledge into action.

The Program

We set the scene with an opening presentation by distinguished Belgian professor Geertrui Mieke de Ketelaere on The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of AI revealing the nuances of the AI landscape. For the use cases and demos we partnered with Michiel Vandendriessche and Sam Hendrickx from Raccoons, two of the most sought-after experts on generative AI in Belgium-including lots of national television performances.

We invited AI powerhouses, such as Nvidia (a pioneer in accelerated(super) computing), Microsoft (sharing a framework they devised to identify usage scenarios for GenAI), Metamaze (bringing a wealth of experience in the effective application of Machine and Deep Learning), Collibra and Foodpairing.

There were highly interactive breakout sessions with specialists from DACX (Data Analytics for Customer Experience), DAE (Digital Arts & Entertainment), Vintecc and Supportsquare.

The Impact

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