Develop the company strategy starting from Day After Tomorrow thinking

New York

The GoaL

The company showed a fast and strong growth track record. With growing teams, turnover, and investments, the company’s leadership wants to guarantee the continuation of this track record. 

With the same entrepreneurial can-do mindset, how can we grow and keep our innovative DNA? How can we make sure that the full company remains aboard for what’s next? How can we make sure we keep up with all the trends in today’s world? 

Therefor Agristo’s leadership decided it was time to set the long-term strategic direction based on an outside-in perspective. 

The Solution

Agristo’s leadership, as well as internal subject matter experts, were invited to a four-day outside-in inspiration track designed by nexxworks. We invited Callebaut Collective to fuel the program with internal analysis and customer feedback, as well as in-program translation of the insights. 

Basecamp for this strategic deepdive was the nexxworks HQ in Ghent. A group of about 35 people met with about 25 stories and speakers on a variety of topics, chosen by Agristo in co-creation with nexxworks.

The Program

Based on the output of the internal desk research, customer feedback and individual leadership interviews, the following topics were selected:

  • Future of Food
  • Seismic global shocks
  • Consumer behavior & go-to-market trends
  • Branding & customer success
  • Technology 
  • Supply chain innovation 
  • Sustainability. 

The program was a whirlwind experience of stories and sessions lead by a.o. Rik Vera, Steven Van Belleghem, Pascal Coppens, Callebaut Collective, Yoav Nir, Wunderman Thompson, Arteco, Vanhoecke, Unilin, Robovision, Han Desimpelaere, Switchrs, etc. 

Daily buddy walks captured the top-of-mind ideas and insights and more elaborate workshops translated the input into a strategic plan based on the 

OGSM methodology. 

The Impact

Based on the OGSM outcome, five dedicated project teams were initiated to link the chosen topics to specific projects and teams. Agristo’s leaders personally lead the orchestration and translation of these goals within the company. 

Apart from the internal process, initiatives are being institutionalized to keep an outside-in mindset alive within the company. 

Beyond the internal translation, initiatives are being held to invite the Agristo ecosystem throughout the full chain to its future success in a way that is beneficial to all.

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