Guidewire Innovation Program

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The GoaL

In August ’23, we designed a future of mobility program in San Francisco. Together with Guidewire we invited 18 business leaders operating in the car claims insurance industry. The primary objective was to explore the evolving landscape of mobility, shedding light on what's coming next, and helping these industry leaders identify the opportunities and challenges on the horizon.

The Solution

To achieve our goal, we curated an immersive and informative experience that brought together experts, innovators, and cutting-edge technologies in the realm of mobility. This holistic approach allowed us to offer a comprehensive solution to our participants' needs. By collaborating with visionaries and pioneers in the field, we aimed to inspire fresh perspectives and foster innovation in the car claims insurance industry.

The Program

We’ve built a learning expedition that provided participants with a diverse range of experiences and insights. Here's an overview of some of the highlight:

1. Rik Vera and Timothy Papandreou set the tone as moderators, guiding discussions, and encouraging thought-provoking conversations throughout the program.

2. X, the Moonshot Factory: A visit to X, Google's moonshot factory, gave participants a glimpse into the future of innovation, with a focus on mobility-related projects.

3. Kodiak's Self-Driving Trucks: An expert session by Michael Wiesinger (VP of Commercialization) delved into the world of autonomous transportation and its implications for the insurance industry.

4. SparkCharge CEO Joshua Aviv showcased their innovative mobile fast charging solutions for electric vehicles (EVs), addressing the growing needs of the EV ecosystem.

5. Participants had the opportunity to experience Cruise's autonomous driving technology firsthand, which was fun, scary and exciting at the same time. (No one got injured, I promise)

6. Gridmatrix shared their vision for eliminating traffic congestion, accidents, and emissions through data-driven solutions, leveraging existing sensors and cloud-based sources.

7. A visit to the University of California, Berkeley, included a session with Pieter Abbeel and a tour of the BAIR (Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research) lab, providing a deep dive into cutting-edge AI and robotics research.

The Impact

In summary, our "Future of Mobility" program was a transformative experience that empowered our participants to look beyond the present and prepare for the day after tomorrow in the ever-evolving world of mobility and insurance. We are excited to continue guiding companies on their journey to embrace the future with confidence and vision.

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