Together towards a robust and sustainable energy future

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The GoaL

In October ’23, nexxworks collaborated with EY to orchestrate the North Sea Sustainability Program in Belgium/The Netherlands. This initiative underscored the North Sea's significant role over the past five decades as an indispensable energy focal point. As the global paradigm shifts towards a self-reliant, low-carbon energy future, this region is emerging as a pivotal producer of clean energy, hydrogen, and a centerpiece for innovative energy storage solutions.

The Solution

EY extended invitations to prominent executives from an eclectic spectrum of Energy & Utilities Companies to delve into this transition. Together, participants had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the region's pioneering energy transition efforts, gaining insights into sustainable practices, and observing avant-garde energy solutions in action. This joint venture, emphasizing the essence of collaboration and knowledge dissemination, aimed to expedite the global progression towards a robust and sustainable energy future, focusing on key themes like energy transition acceleration, integration of renewable energies, and industrial resilience. This marks the fourth such synergistic program we've crafted in tandem with EY

The Program

nexxworks curated an enriching experience offering a myriad of insights to participants. Here are the notable moments:

  1. Keynote by Peter Hinssen on the concept of "Never Normal" and leadership strategies.
  2. CMB.Tech - A frontrunner in creating large marine and industrial applications powered by hydrogen and green ammonia. Our tour included their fuel stations and hydrogen-powered trucks.
  3. Otary - Masters of the entire lifecycle of offshore wind farms. Our interaction with their CEO and a tour of their control room showcased the significance of wind energy in the North Sea.
  4. Seavolt - A collaboration of Belgian entities, Tractebel, DEME, and Jan De Nul, resulting in the introduction of SEAVOLT, an innovative offshore floating PV technology. We gained insights from industry leaders Deme and Jan De Nul.
  5. Hardt Hyperloop - The proud victors of Elon Musk's inaugural hyperloop contest. Our visit comprised an immersive experience center tour and technology demonstration.
  6. Ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp Bruges - Two paramount European harbors, elucidating their significance...
  7. Battolyser - Innovators of a unique battery and electrolyser system that harmonizes renewable energy sources with societal needs. We were enlightened about their forward-looking strategies.
  8. And much more...

The Impact

EY's commitment was evident when they invited top executives from a diverse range of Energy & Utilities Companies to explore this energy transition. Participants experienced the region's pioneering energy efforts, gaining invaluable insights into sustainable practices and witnessing cutting-edge energy solutions. This collaboration underscores EY's dedication to fostering knowledge sharing and accelerating global movement towards a sustainable energy future. It also emphasizes the importance for both EY and its clients to be at the forefront of understanding the transformative initiatives in and around the North Sea, ensuring they are well-prepared for the "Day After Tomorrow."

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