The Art of Talent Copenhagen

Leadership & Development

The GoaL

In Copenhagen, our two-day program was crafted to impart methods for talent attraction and retention, emphasizing the crucial need for a robust talent strategy in our rapidly evolving world.

The Solution

In our pursuit of excellence, we engaged with 25 HR business leaders in Copenhagen, a city renowned for its work-life quality. Guided by Frederik Anseel, the Senior Deputy Dean of UNSW Business School in Australia, the group delved into insights from local enterprises, both sizable and boutique, covering topics such as employer branding, DEIB, intrapreneurship, and the broader aspects of employee experience and talent-centric challenges

The Program

The program focused on meet-ups with companies, founders and institutions in Copenhagen. Some of the highlights were:

  • Frederik Anseel’s top 10 talent question of the future.
  • Visiting Maersk’s office and learning about their employer branding initiatives.
  • Learning from Novo Nordisk about how to ensure psychological safety and scale it throught an immense organisation.
  • Discuss true transformation and what it means with Orsted, one of the most known cases of transformation in sustainability.
  • Participate in a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging panel, lead by Goodtalks.

The Impact

The program kickstarted the participants urgency to double down on their people and talent strategies. To dare to believe in change in how things were done, to accelerate and shift perspectives. Ultimately, the program moves HR and people more to the core of the decision making unit. Exactly where it should be.

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