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“How can I shape my strategy and what should I invest my resources on?”

How we dit THIS for PWC

This experience showed how short-term planning and long term planning are both needed. The China visits were truly inspiring in how they execute on that. 

Tom Ward
Chief E-Commerce Walmart US
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Agristo’s leadership decided it was time to set the long-term strategic direction based on an outside-in perspective.
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Nexxworks designed an unusual learning expedition inviting the group to think and learn together with a brilliant, specifically curated community about the specific collective challenge.

To new travelers, I hope you feel some of the same excitement, anxiety, and concentration. May you learn the way we did. 

Kosta Peric
Deputy Director Financial Services for the Poor at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
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Learning & Development

“How can our leadership team get out of the day-to-day business?”

Cartamundi asked nexxworks to organize a two-day workshop around the burning hot topic of Artificial Intelligence for the Executive Committee.

Nexxworks helps to facilitate innovative out of the box thinking. They will expose you and your teams to a different level of thought leadership, which in turn will help you and your people develop a different thinking ethos for the future.

Paul Roberts
CEO Digital Ventures Cartamundi
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EY and their customers participants had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the region's pioneering energy transition efforts, gaining insights into sustainable practices, and observing avant-garde energy solutions in action

Our EY North Sea Sustainability Exploration Tour provided a glimpse of the scale, pace and urgency of the energy transition.Over three days, we explored cutting edge innovations and strategies driving the future of low-carbon energy. We saw first hand how the energy transition is unfolding in the North Sea, and how the region is overcoming renewables integration, accelerating electrification, building hubs for hydrogen and CCS, implementing intelligent energy systems, and developing flexibility initiatives.
- Day 1 explored the technologies and infrastructure needed for a diverse, efficient, and sustainable energy system. We discussed developments in the offshore wind sector with developers Otary, saw innovation at an industrial scale with SeaVolt and their plans for floating panels above the waves, and learned about Princess Elisabeth Island, an energy hub off the coast connecting wind farms and interconnectors to Belgium’s onshore power grid. It is evident that innovation is already occurring on an industrial scale, and our ability to integrate these new technologies will determine the pace of the energy transition.
- Day 2 expanded on the theme of energy integration and localization. Our visit to Platform Zero offered insights from a number of leading startups collaborating with industry players to address local flexibility challenges, foster energy exchange within communities, and share data for optimizing infrastructure. Highlights included Battolyser, who have developed an integrated battery and electrolyser that can store electricity and produce hydrogen from renewable power.
- Day 3 focused on energy ecosystems and industrial applications, with a particular emphasis on hydrogen solutions (CMB Tech), platforms designed to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration (Free Electrons), and innovative approaches like CCUS at the Port of Antwerp-Bruges.Watch the video for more insights and please reach out to me if you have any questions or would like to know more.

Thanks to nexxworks for the great support

Serge Colle
EY Global Energy & Resources Industry Market leader
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Walmart identified ‘Leading within ambiguity’ as a learning objective and asked nexxworks to invite this group to the Day After Tomorrow. 

It’s so important to step outside the day-to-day business. We are the only ones who can moderate this back to our teams and translate what we’ve learned to accomplish our daily goals. 

Kathryn McClay
CEO at Sam's Club
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Customer Experience

“How can we become more customer-oriented and improve the customer experience?”

Volvo Cars Benelux management team is now fully aligned on the next version of their CX strategy
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