Why we're going to SXSW

We're going on tour to SXSW in 2023. Here's why you should join us!

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November 29, 2022
New York

South By Southwest dedicates itself to helping creative people achieve their goals. So it's no wonder that we at nexxworks have engaged ourselves to bring our network to Austin Texas. After all, we're committed to helping our clients build their 'Day After Tomorrow' future, and that needs a good dose of creativity.

So here's why we're going to SXSW

It's Day After Tomorrow thinking

SXSW has many 'tracks' or topics that embody Day After Tomorrow thinking (read our approach here).

Just taking a look at our tour calendar shows the sort of topics we are focusing on in 2023. There's an obvious overlap in SXSW's topics like: 2050, Climate Change, Tech Industry, Workplace Revolution and Health & MedTech. In the kickoff event we're throwing for all participants, we'll decide together which speakers we want to see and how our day-to-day will look like.

SXSW is thé biggest FOMO event in the world. You have to make difficult decisions of who you're going to see all the time. Luckily, there's never really a wrong choice to make.

Charlotte Coddens - Production director & Client lead at Mortierbrigade

It's all about connecting

Just like our tagline is 'to inspire and connect', so is SXSW's in a way.

You bump into all kinds of people at the festival. In the cues, at the food and drink stalls, ... connecting is the point at SXSW. Obviously at nexxworks, we focus heavily on connecting. That's an added benefit of this SXSW Tour, as we're traveling with a tight group and experiencing it all together. The power of connecting in person and experiencing something together can't be understated. SXSW is connecting on steroids!

There's even somewhat of an unwritten rule at SXSW: if you’re standing in a line, you have to turn around and talk to a stranger and ask them who they are and why they're there.

Dennis Meister, Healthcare Technology Executive & Evangelist

Unique experiences

You'll never forget a nexxworks tour, and you'll never forget SXSW.

The city of Austin is a unique place, especially during the yearly festival. During the day, it's home to the largest and most innovative companies around the world. During the night there are countless side events and things to experience. We'll work our nexxworks magic to get into as many of those as possible, promise :)

So are you ready to accompany our group of +-30 people?
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November 29, 2022
New York