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The summer holidays are one of the best periods to refuel your mind with inspiration about business, technology and society. For those of you travelling or perhaps just enjoying an...

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July 19, 2021

Steven Van Belleghem - CX thought leader

Quiet Service with General Stan McChrystal

I love this episode because it's about optimism, positive leadership as well as the link between companies and the - seemingly - very different context of the army, where General Stanley McChrystal operates. The fact that Simon Sinek’s vision is thrown into the mix, only makes this episode all the more interesting. I highly recommend it.

Peter Vander Auwera - tinkerer, creator, and sensebreaker

Kent Bye (Voices of VR) on Truth, Reality, and the Human Experience (Part 1)

I like Kent Bye and his podcast (and youtube) channel because his view on the VR and AR world - with respect to privacy for example - offers a glimpse on how we may have to rethink several concepts in the "classic" analog and social media world. It becomes obvious how the European Commission tries to solve problems of the past, and does not think through the day after tomorrow.

Jessica Groopman - industry analyst & founder of Kaleido Insights

Kate Raworth: A Renegade Solution to Extractive Economics

Rarely does one come across a fundamentally new framework for global economics, environment, and social equity. "Doughnut Economics" is a most elegant, balanced, and critical alternative model to the runaway, extractive, and growth-obsessed economic logic gripping the globe. This podcast explores its implications for data and tech-- a must listen!

Ezra Klein Show: Mark Bittman Cooked Everything, Now He Wants to Change Everything

A meditation, and generally entertaining dialogue discussing food, and humanity's relationship with it, past-present-future. This conversation will make you reflect on our relationship with nature, and systems thinking.

The Secret Life of Forests, by Ferris Jabr (with audio narration)

Talk about unlearning a long held narrative! This beautiful piece takes the listener on a journey through forest ecosystems, revealing how new science (and new perspectives in science) debunk age-old biases around how nature, systems, and evolution actually work.

The Daily - The Sunday Read: ‘The Social Life of Forests’ Foresters once regarded trees as solitary individuals: They competed for space and resources, but were otherwise indifferent to one another. The work of the Canadian ecologist Suzanne Simard upended that, finding that while there is indeed conflict in a forest, there is also negotiation, reciprocity and even selflessness. Ms. Simard discovered that underground fungal threads link nearly every tree in a forest. On today’s Sunday Read, listen to an exploration of these links and the influential and contentious work of Ms. Simard. This story was written by Ferris Jabr and recorded by Audm. To hear more audio stories from publishers like The New York Times, download Audm for iPhone or Android.

Julie Vens - De Vos - CEO @nexxworks

Rebecca Henderson on Reimagining Capitalism

I really loved economist Rebecca Henderson’s book “Reimagining Capitalism in a World on Fire”. She argues that the focus on shareholder value threatens to destroy capitalism from within. In this episode, she tells business leaders to manage their companies differently in order to create a more humane and stable capitalism.

The discussion about value is highly relevant and one I love to have with our nexxworks customers: how do we define value? How do we define our shared desired future?

April Rinne - digital, platform and sharing economy expert

Ezra Klein & James Suzman: Why Do We Work So Damn Much?

Here is a brilliant podcast interview by Ezra Klein of James Suzman, author of the new book “Work: A Deep History From the Stone Age to the Age of Robots." The episode focuses mainly on how our obsession with work has gone wildly off the mark, which reminds me of multiple Flux Superpowers (Run Slower and Know Your "Enough" among them). Here's what James says about change -- he perfectly summarizes FLUX and the importance of a Flux Mindset: "We now live in an era in which there is no steady state for us to adjust to. There is no end game in front of us. And that requires an adjustment in our mindset, and how we engage with the world."

Barry O'Reilly - Business Advisor and Author of "Unlearn", and "Lean Enterprise”

Jason Calacanis: Intelligent Risk

Angel investor Jason Calacanis talks high stakes poker, how to make intelligent investing decisions, how systems enable or forbid, and demystifies the culture of Silicon Valley.

Fredo De Smet - curator at the interplay of culture and technology

Tim Ferriss and Brené Brown on Self-Acceptance and Complacency

A great talk about self-confrontation, useful for entrepreneurship, relationships or on a personal level. It contains useful life hacks to be kinder to yourself.

The Tribe VS The Algorithm: Can We Ever Be Free Again? (with Douglas Rushkoff)

A fascinating episode about the value of human awe versus the zombie apocalypse mode of the market.

How quantum physics disrupts our world view (in Dutch)

This one’s for Dutch listeners only, unfortunately, but I loved this conversation with Bernardo Kastrup so much that I had to include it. The philosophical and spiritual complication of quantum physics will definitely disrupt your world view.

Laurence Van Elegem - Content Director @ nexxworks

Superintelligence Already Rules the World

David Runciman reframes artificial intelligence in a surprising way, claiming that artificial decision-making machines have been with us for hundreds of years already: namely the corporations and states that hugely accelerated the development of our societies. I love it when people turn my perspective around.

Why Cities Keep on Growing, Corporations Always Die, and Life Gets Faster

As organisms, cities, and companies scale up, they all gain in efficiency, but then they vary. The bigger an organism, the slower. The same tends to go for corporations. Yet the bigger a city is, the faster it runs. It’s fascinating to realize that human ‘living’ structures and their business structures evolve very differently when they grow. Fascinating talk by Geoffrey West:

Ken Hughes - CX strategist

Dr. Marc Brackett and Brené Brown on “Permission to Feel”

We spend too much time in our heads and not enough time in our hearts. If we are serious about good CX, then we need to encourage more Emotional Intelligence in ourselves and those around us and in CX teams. Brene Brown is a key voice in this space, and in this episode she chats to Dr. Marc Brackett about heart, emotions and relationships. Trust me, you'll learn more about yourself and how healthy CX is based on heart over mind by listening:

Nancy Rademaker - keynote speaker on all things digital

Jennifer Aaker en Naomi Bagdonas: Future of StoryTelling

I’m a huge fan of Jennifer Aaker’s and Naomi Bagdonas’ book “Humour, seriously?” and this podcast episode is a great teaser and summary. It’s about the importance of humor in business life as well as in our personal lives.

Christophe Jauquet - keynote speaker and health experience expert

Kerry Murphy & Lianne Piroddi: Fashion’s Digital Future

I was amazed to discover that digital clothing is such a mega big billion business flying under the/my radar. It made me realise that teenagers are no longer the early adopters that drive societal change and business innovation. Today, kids are the driving force of plenty of mega societal changes that are happening right under our (virtual) nose.

Alastair Parvin: Architecture for the people by the people

From the many times the Kodak case was explained, we all knew very well how production will be democratised. Already in 2013, It’s was easy to imagine this for activities like music producing and book writing/publishing. It’s a lot more difficult to imagine how architecture can be disrupted by this trend.

Philipp Kristian - Human Transformation Pioneer

Rapid Response: Why business must be a force for good, w/former American Express CEO Ken Chenault

Not everyone believes businesses can be doing good and managing a good business at the same time. Iconic global organisations leading by example are finally telling that story, and demonstrating that mutual trust with customers and stakeholders isn’t simply the best way to emerge beyond a crisis like the pandemic, but a RESET that the corporate world truly needs to be innovating and thriving in future.

Laetitia Vitaud - writer and speaker about the future of work and consumption

Virginia Postrel on Textiles and the Fabric of Civilization

I loved this episode because you get to understand that the history of textiles, as told by Postrel, is a good way of understanding the history of the world:

The Art of Productive Disagreements

I also enjoyed this episode with writer Ian Leslie about the "art of productive disagreements". It's clever. You come out of it thinking you should not avoid conflicts anymore.

Let Children Play Video Games

Another one for the road: a conversation with Rachel Kowert about video games. There's so much nonsense written and said about video games. This psychologist will convince sceptics to try them.

Eline Lostrie - CCO @ nexxworks

Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify — Habits, Systems and Mental Models for Top Performance

Adam Grant: Rethinking Your Position

Celebrated organizational psychologist and author Adam Grant provides compelling insight into why we should spend time not just thinking, but rethinking. The episode covers how to change our own views, how to change the views of others, hiring processes, psychological safety, tribes and group identity, feigned knowledge, binary bias, and so much more.

Carlo D'Agnolo - Digital Marketeer @ nexxworks

Is The World REALLY Ready To Go Electric?

What I liked about this episode is that they also focus on the infrastructure rather than on the cars themselves. They’ve invited the Chief Vehicle Offer of GridServe along. If you wonder what a Chief Vehicle Officer does, this is his jobdescription: “Job Description? Electrification of the Nation. That should just about cover it.”

Maybe also important to note that his is a podcast from a famous car-YouTuber, so it’s not the opinion of a traditional media or journalist’s, rather one of a true petrol-head.

France Van Nieuwenborgh - Innovation Program Manager @ nexxworks

The Butterfly Effect Ep. 1: A Nondescript Building in Montreal

This podcast teaches us about the origins of pornhub. This first episode explains how it actually is a hardcore tech company and how it uses technology and data to offer better services. I loved it because it goes against the grain of what people think and shows us that the porn industry is actually a big driver of innovation. Most porn in the world is made in California's San Fernando Valley where you can find a community making business out of tailor-made porn for an audience existing of one. It’s the perfect podcast to start researching for nexxworks' Customer Experience tour to Los Angeles (more info here)!

The Last Days of August - The Butterfly Effect Ep. 1: A Nondescript Building in Montreal Join bestselling author Jon Ronson as he traces an intriguing butterfly effect. Many years ago, a teenager in Brussels had an idea – make porn free and easy to stream online. The consequences of that idea are surprising, delightful, and sad. They reach into areas of life no one could have expected. In this series’ first episode, meet Fabian Thylmann – that teen from Brussels.

And here is the full list of awesomeness!

For those who don’t want any explanation with each episode and just want to experience the awesomeness of this compilation in a non-stop fashion (well, it’s 19 hours and 43 minutes, so you’ll probably need some breaks): here is the full list on Spotify (some episodes were not available on Spotify so they arent’s all there, but most of them are):

Laurence Van Elegem
Laurence Van Elegem
Laurence has more than 10 years of experience in marketing, communications and disruptive innovation. Passionately curious, she is fascinated by the impact of technology and science on the way we work, consume and live our lives.
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July 19, 2021