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Here are our top 10 most read articles of 2022

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January 3, 2023
New York

Web3 and Web 3.0 are NOT the same thing. Here’s why.

I’ve been doing a lot of research about the Web3 phenomenon (check this long read, you won’t regret it) for the past weeks and one thing I noticed was that there seems to be a lot of confusion about the difference between Web3 - the decentralized, blockchain-based web - and Web 3.0 which is Tim Berners-Lee vision of a linked or semantic web...

Web3 for Dummies. Everything you wanted to know about Web3.

Everything you always wanted to know about Web3 but were afraid to ask because everyone around you is pretending that they DO know and now it feels too late to admit you don’t without losing face and you were already insecure because of your COVID depression and this is just too much to handle for one person...

35 top women keynote speakers about all things innovation you need to follow right now

It’s frustrating to see that we still live in a world where only 16% of board members in the top 500 multinational enterprises are women, with shares as low as...

Ebook: Trends for Building a Better Future

This year’s (2022) edition of our trend e-book is extra special because we asked our awesome contributors to zoom in on their favorite evolutions that will help us create a better future. And, boy, did they deliver!  What follows, are more than 30 trends, scenarios or words of advice to inspire us to strive towards a better future for our employees, our customers, our (fellow) citizens, our companies and our natural context.

The most awesome summer reading list in the history of humankind

Yes, I’m a paper book reader and I refuse to apologize for that. But that’s not the point. The point is that booklists are majorly click-baity and that we use them so that great people like you can get to know our blog and our community, which are absolutely fabulous. If you’re reading this, it means that our scheme worked and I think that that’s beautiful. Welcome to our network! We promise to inspire and connect you forever and ever...

10 Customer Experience trends for 2022

As some of you may know, at the end of the year I like to look ahead to the coming year(s) to try to predict which scenarios have the potential of disrupting the world of marketing and CX. There are many more, of course, some of which that are not exactly new but that still have a lot of influence (like companies stepping outside of the boundaries of their industry, very often in healthcare and finance), but to me the 10 listed below hold the greatest potential for the future right now...

10 easy to understand podcast episodes that will help you grasp Web 3.0

There has been a LOT of buzz around the Web3 phenomenon for the past months. And yet, to many of us (yes, that includes me, and even Elon Musk) it's...

The most innovative Smart City projects in the world

Facing some pretty steep challenges like a growing population, increasing urbanization, scarcity of resources, the growing global food crisis as well as reducing global CO2 emission, building smart cities has...

Quiz: How well do you know Web3

We made a quick 5-question quiz to test yourself, and learn some things you might now know yet. Good luck!

E-book: Troublemakers

We invited some of the "troublemakers" in the nexxworks network to offer advice about how they believe that organizations could better navigate these turbulent times. And boy did they deliver, each in their own unique voice and with their own vision...

Here's to many more interesting articles this year!

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January 3, 2023
New York