nexxworks launches Mission CX

Nexxworks launches Mission CX: 10 live online sessions about customer experience, featuring top international speakers and live Q & As.

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October 6, 2020
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The online program features #nexxworks Partners and CX experts Steven Van Belleghem and Rik Vera as moderators and hosts top international entrepreneurs, keynote speakers and innovators who will tackle a broad array of CX subjects: Brian Solis, Nir Eyal, Ken Hughes, Blake Morgan, former Disney’s Duncan Wardle, and many many more.

Each month, Steven and Rik will lead a 1.5 hour Friday session on a specific CX-related theme, inviting two or more complementary guest speakers: some of them will be visionary thought leaders and some of them will bring a hands-one company case (Anyroad, OTO, Formula 1, and MAX Burgers to name a few). 

Each session will be topped off with a live Q & A so that guests can interact with the network of top experts and ask their most burning questions.

These are the first 10 sessions:

  1. The future of CX - November 20
  2. CX Innovation Workshop - December 11
  3. Man vs. Machine - January 22
  4. Data and AI - February 26
  5. Online Meets Offline - March 26
  6. On VR and AR - April 23
  7. CX in the East vs. the West - May 28
  8. On platforms - June 25
  9. Employee Experience - September 24
  10. On Sustainability - October 22

All sessions take place at 4pm CET (10am EST - 7am PST - 6pm Dubai). 

Check the full program and confirmed speakers (many more to follow in the coming months!) here.

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October 6, 2020
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