Nexxworks is looking for a badass (freelance) expert in Personal Branding & PR

Do you excel at making others shine bright like a diamond? Are you a wizard in multichannel content? Do you have an elaborate media network? Are you passionately curious about...

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August 13, 2019
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What (and who) the hell is nexxworks and why should you join?

Nexxworks inspires and connects innovators all over the world. We help organizations kickstart their innovation – through our many innovation programs – by confronting them with the latest evolutions in business and technology and by encouraging them to combine a long-term vision with short-term initiatives. Our though-leading community of innovation keynote speakers Pascal CoppensPeter HinssenNancy Rademaker, Steven Van BelleghemFons Van Dyck and Rik Vera is the beating heart of our network.

Our customers are typically C-level or mid-management innovation-thirsty profiles from international companies, who are eager to uncover the exciting business possibilities that come with exponential change and (technology) disruption. To help and inspire them, we collaborate with a very diverse ecosystem of renowned thought-leaders, disruptive start-ups, C-level corporate pioneers, experts, academics, investors, consultants and highly innovative entrepreneurs.

What would you be doing?

We are looking for someone to help our growing community of thought-leaders further develop their personal brands by devising and executing a strategy for their (social) channels, content production and media relations.

Who are we hoping that you are?

  • You’re a natural branding strategist with a great passion for content creation.
  • You’re a kick-ass coordinator, able to juggle a team of fantastic freelance written, graphic, audio and video content experts.
  • You have an elaborate international press network and intuitively know which story will appeal to which press medium when and where.
  • You have an excellent commercial feel and know how to recognize and grasp speaking and branding opportunities for our thought-leaders.
  • Being able to write like a near-native English angel is definitely a plus but finding and coordinating awesome copywriters may work just as well.
  • You’re a social media natural and have a firm understanding of digital marketing.
  • Having a digital savvy mindset and a hunger for the latest tech evolutions is a definite surplus.

Last, but absolutely not least, … what do we have to offer?

The opportunity to work with some of the world’s most inspiring and innovative thought-leaders and companies.

The chance to help develop some of the most promising (personal) brands in the innovation market and have an impact on their short-term and long-term strategy.

Last, but absolutely not least: an attractive salary package including interesting fringe benefits. If you’re a freelancer and prefer to stay that way, we’re open to that as well. Whatever works best for you, let us know.

How can you reach out?

If you think that we could help each other, please send your CV, a riveting motivational letter (or a short clip) and a sample of your work (your writings, clips or podcasts you helped coordinate, anything you’re proud of, really) to Matthias De Clercq at

We will contact you in the coming days to give you feedback and possibly propose a date and place to meet and talk.

Really looking forward to your reactions!

May the network be with you!

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August 13, 2019
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