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Web3 is a term for anything that has to do with the next generation of the internet being a decentralized digital infrastructure. Web3 enthusiasts envision an internet that does not require us to hand over personal information to companies like Meta (Facebook) and Google in order to use their services.
Discover Web3
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What do we offer in our programs?

Web3 is creating countless new opportunities for organizations. Fresh and exciting customer experiences are being built in the metaverse. Organizations are experimenting with the power of blockchain. But at the same time we can’t be blind for the challenges these new technologies will bring. For example, Ethereum’s emissions can be compared to 2-3 coal plants.

The evolution towards a new World Wide Web has begun. And we want to help you and your team define the challenges and opportunities of Web3.

Understand the basics

To spot opportunities, your team needs to understand the core principles of Web3. What is it? What are the underlying technologies? What are the opportunities for your customers? Whether you operate in finance, retail, tech or other industries, we will help you explore the future of the World Wide Web.

Envision how to benefit

Next to understanding the core principles of Web3, we’ll dive into the details of specific technological innovations linked to your industry. It’s our goal to collect initial ideas on how your organization and industry can benefit of Web3.
How can my business leverage the power of blockchain?
Should we experiment in the metaverse?
How can we use NFT’s to boost customer loyalty?
Can crypto be relevant for our business?
It's key to understand the opportunities and challenges these new technologies bring for your business.

Experience the future

Organize a 2-day tour in Europe to visit companies actively working on integrating these technologies in their products or services. From start-ups to big tech. From academics to specific industries. The tour will let your team understand the impact of Web3 on topics such as: security, environmental impact, CX, and much more.

Different inspirational programs

What is Web 3?
The evolution from Web1 to Web3
The vision of Web3
Understand the basics of Web3 technologies
Spot opportunities and challenges
2 hour virtual session
Short & snappy
Tailor made for your company
Virtual so everyone can join
From € 12.500
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Define the impact of Web3 on your business
Everything from ‘Explore’
Deep-dive in specific technologies
Collect ideas on how Web3 can benefit your organization and industry
Full day live session
Qualitative investment for your team
Tailor made for your business and industry
Get inspired by top notch Belgian or Dutch experts and organizations
Max number of 25-30 participants
From € 25.000
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Experience the future of your business
Understand Web3
Spot opportunities and challenges
Collect ideas on how your business can profit
See how big tech is re-inventing themselves
Meet startups and interesting individuals who can help you go forward
European 2-day tour
The best eye-opener for your team
Tailor made for your business and industry
Tailor made for your business and industry
Go to Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris or London to visit Web3-organizations
Max 30 participants
From € 65.000
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Why does your team need this?

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Increase the knowledge of Web 3 for your team
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Understand the impact, the opportunities and the challenges ofWeb3
Collect initial ideas on how you can use Web3
Discover a new and fascinating topic as a group

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