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The Never Normal Tour

The Never Normal Tour

The world is evolving into an increasingly unbalanced place, but this just as much presents fantastic opportunities. Ready to learn how to survive and thrive in the never normal.

€14.900 excl. VAT

Early bird ended as of 16/01/'23

This tour in a nutshell 🥜

  • For C-level execs and entrepreneurs
  • Moderated by Peter Hinssen & Isabel Albers
  • Meet top notch speakers and companies like Brett King, Store nr8 (Walmart), Wells Fargo, ...
Organized by nexxworks & Mediafin

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Leaders from these companies attended previous nexxworks experiences

Turn 2023 challenges into opportunities

Globalization has left us with many dependencies that drive a trickle-down effect whenever one region is suffering from war, drought, flooding or other types of cataclysmic events. Yes, these are stressful times for business leaders, but they also represent big opportunities: from optimizing your processes and entering new markets to developing new products, services and business models.

Join us in New York, the City of Opportunity

  • Learn from experts, academics and companies
  • Become better at reading the possibilities of the future
  • Deal with complexity and uncertainty, with excitement!
  • Turn challenges into optimization and innovation for your company
  • Get to know the industries of the future
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Why join?

Get to know the industry shifts and upcoming opportunities

Meet company leaders who survive and thrive in the Never Normal

Expand your network and learn from your travel companions

You’ll be travelling with these great moderators

The moderators travel to every visit, they lead the conversations and help us generate useful takeaways every evening to take home and work with.

Peter Hinssen
Peter founded a pioneering internet agency in 1995 and a healthcare advisory firm in 2005. Since, he's been advising numerous companies on technology and the future of the world besides teaching at London Business School. Currently, he's an investor and on the board of Belfius, Mediahuis & Ergon Capital. He's also a speaker, author, and co-founder at nexxworks.
Isabel Albers
General Editor-in-chief De Tijd - L'Echo, Executive Committee Mediafin
The Never Normal Tour
The Never Normal Tour
The Never Normal Tour
The Never Normal Tour
The Never Normal Tour

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Some of the exciting people and companies you will be visiting

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How this tour will help you:

  • Spotting trends & threats: Learn to read signals before they turn into trends or threats and recognize their potential for your company.
  • Understanding the dynamics of complex systems: We help you connect the dots in this hyperconnected and uncertain environment to help you see both the challenges and possibilities.
  • Surviving in the Never Normal: Difficult times can be a trigger for optimization: how do you transform your supply chain, your operations, your energy use or workforce to more efficiently suit the times we’re living in?
  • Thriving in the Never Normal: Learn to read the potential in global challenges and detect how you can help them solve by developing new services, products and business models.
  • Exploring the industries of the future: Telcos are moving into streaming, retail into healthcare, streaming into gaming, social media into commerce etc. Find out why this trend is happening.
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Meet top-notch speakers and companies like Brett King, Store nr8 (Walmart), Wells Fargo, ... Download program PDF to learn more

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Frequently asked questions

How long is the tour?

It’s a 5-day program in New York City, during which we will visit companies and meet top speakers.

When does the tour start and end?

The tour starts on Sunday, June 18th with a kickoff dinner at 6pm EST. The program will end on Friday, June 23rd at 2pm PT after lunch.


€14.900 excl. VAT

Early bird ended as of 16/01/'23

What do I need to take care of and what is foreseen in the program?

You will need to book your flight to/from New York (more info to follow on available flight options). You will also need to take care of a valid ESTA for travel authorization in the US. Hotel accommodations are included in the fee. Mediafin will also cover transport, food, and other incidentals on the tour.

What about COVID-19?

Safe travels within COVID-19 times will be secured: full vaccination will be required, and attendees will need to arrange any documentation required to enter the US (and to visit companies).

Do you have additional questions?

Do not hesitate to reach out to or if you have any additional questions or need assistance.

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