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What is the Executive Thinking Experience?

This unusual learning expedition invites executives into a fresh break from the day to day. It allows executives to think and learn together with a brilliant, curated community about a specific collective challenge. Not to solve the challenge, but to identify pivotal insights and a new way to position it.

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How does it work?

We bring a selected team of leaders from your company together with a network of exceptional non-conformist thinkers. Not the usual suspects, nor the evident experts but a tribe curated to your culture, your style, your comfort zone of discomfort. From engineers to artists. From journalists to technology experts. From philosophers to entrepreneurs. From experienced executives to young talent.

Together, you embark on an immersive, highly personalized thinking expedition, grounded in a particular challenge you face as a team.

What does this journey look like?

A flow of the expedition could take your team to 3 phases:

Phase 1: Getting Lost together in the challenge
Phase 2: Learn & explore
Phase 3: Think, frame & wonder

Each journey can and might need to be tailored to the identified project you want to focus on. The journey can be organized fully virtual, fully in-person or full a combination of both.

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This is perfect for you if ...

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You are ambitious and bold about the future or a future project
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You are willing to learn and unlearn
You are willing to show up vulnerable and explorative
You're willing to allocate time to make this a success
As nexxworks, we deliver
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A unique learning track, unseen in the traditional executive development field

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High-end, unusual and spot-on curation of the network

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Highly personalized design of the journey specifically to your question and group.

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An intangible experience grounded by visible and consultable learning assets

To new travelers, I hope you feel some of the same excitement, anxiety, and concentration. May you learn the way we did. 

Kosta Peric
Deputy Director Financial Services for the Poor at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Kosta Peric

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