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Laetitia Vitaud

Laetitia Vitaud is a writer and speaker about the future of work and consumption. She lives in Munich with her two children and husband but also spends time in France and Germany (her two countries of origin). After 10 years of teaching English and American studies in France, she switched to the world of Human Resources. For three years she has been working with clients on how organisations, management, work space, and social protection are impacted by the unbundling of jobs and the empowerment of freelancers. She believes that the values of craftsmanship (autonomy, creativity, responsibility) will emancipate workers and help companies create more value(s). Work as we knew it in the age of the mass economy is dead. Long live the age of individuation and networks! Her publications, in English and in French, appear on the following websites: Medium, Malt, Welcome to the Jungle, LSE Business Review ...


Laetitia Vitaud

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